Sunday, February 9, 2014

Farm Folk Food 2/10/14

Last week my menu title was Marvelous Menu Monday.  This week, Farm Folk Food.
I like the sound of the triple consonants running together.  Which do you think sounds better???

Do you want to see what I'm cooking up for dinner this week?

Here it is!

Smoked Hamburgers
Salad with Home Made Ranch Dressing

Chicken Wild Rice Soup
Home Made Bread

Wednesday Night Connect
(Family Bible Study, Dinner Included, I will donate $5)

Beef & Mushroom Meatloaf
Baked Potatoes

Haley's Choice
Eat Out
(*see note below)

Kielbasa Sausages
Fried Eggs
Chicken Flavored Rice from Scratch

Home made Macaroni and Cheese
Salad with Home Made Ranch Dressing
(We have to get this Ranch used up)

*One of my New Years goals is not spending so much money on fast food.  Skipping this convenience is not only better for our wallets, but more importantly, our health.  To help get the kids our board, the second Friday of each month they get to choose where we eat as a family.  They drew numbers at the beginning of January to establish the order.  Last month we visited our local pizza shop when it was Cohen's choice.    

Grocery List
Gallon Organic Milk
Half Gallon Fat Free Milk
Quart Organic Soy Chocolate Milk (Cohen=restricted dairy)
Bag of Organic Potatoes
Organic Mushrooms
Organic Salad Greens
4 oz. White American Cheese
Bag Organic Chocolate Chips
Juice Box (another field trip)
Organic Wild Rice
Organic Sour Cream
Organic Apples & Bananas
Organic Oatmeal
Kielbasa Sausage (x2)
Organic Canola Oil (x2)

So how did my Kombucha turn out???

Great!  I don't know why I didn't start doing this sooner!!  So easy!!!

I think I will have to start making a gallon a week instead of a half gallon.  I also need to play with different flavors for it.  

Any ideas???


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