Monday, February 3, 2014

Reflections of January, a Birthday & Delicious Honey

A look back at January reveals that not much was accomplished off of my 2014 goals list.

For the Farm....

We did purchase a new buck rabbit (even though not on the list) and got rid of the old one as he got to old and lazy to do the job that needed doing.  I will do an introduction on Goggles soon.

For personal goals...

We or I stopped for fast food (six different times, shamefully about $40 worth)
I also purchased Starbucks (6 times, this is noted as an improvement, about $23)
I went on a date with my husband
(I want to keep track of the amount spent on fast food for personal and budget reasons)

$63.  There is room for improvement!

Our son Chase celebrated his 12th birthday on January 31.
Chase is our middle child.  He is kind, funny and compassionate.  We are very proud of the young man he is becoming.  The day before his birthday we got to attend the student of the month assembly at school.  The character trait in which he received an award for was citizenship.

Chase got new motorcycle gear for his birthday.  He has out grown what was purchased for him when he was six and has been borrowing his sisters gear for over a year now.  He loves to ride his dirt bike around our property.

We had 18 people in our small home to celebrate.  7  more were unable to come due to illness or another engagement.  With the exception of my mother-in-law, these family members all live within 7 miles.  We are blessed to have so much family near by.

Last week I also purchased 4 quarts of delicious honey.  We use about a quart a month.  One of our future homestead goals will be to start our own hives, but until then I drive to the next town over and support a local farmer who has hives.


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