Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meet Goggles! Daddy to Dinner

We purchased Goggles at the beginning of January to replace our old buck, also Goggles.

Old Goggles was over four years old and getting lazy.  He didn't want to do the job he was supposed to do anymore (if you know what I mean).

Our son Cohen named the first buck when we got him back in March of 2010, at that time Cohen was 3.  Since we were getting rid of old Goggles we told Cohen he could name the new rabbit.

Cohen came with me to the rabbit farm and picked out this nice red New Zealand buck.

When asked what he wanted to name it, he said "Goggles". I said, "Really, that was the old bucks name."  He said, "Yes, Goggles."

We tried to sway his decision by throwing out names like 007, James Bond or Red Barren and even Cheeto as I believe this was the rabbits fathers name.  He wouldn't budge!

Meet Goggles (#2)!

I wonder if we will have red babies???

We should know in about a month!


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