Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Applesauce. In January?

Please don't think that I have a secret and know how to get apples to ripen in January.  I don't.  What I did do was peel and core my apples a few months ago and stuck them in the freezer.  Summer and Fall are really busy here.  Our daughter plays traveling softball.  We are usually at ball games most weekends June through October.  

The apples came out of the freezer yesterday to help make room for the 1/4 of beef I'm picking up from the butcher today.  My brother raises beef out on my grandparents farm.  Back to the apples.... They went in the crock pot on low yesterday morning and were ready by late afternoon for a little sugar and cinnamon and in the canner they went.

Yesterday was a very busy day!

Made cookies for lunch boxes.
There were more, but the lunch box monsters took several of them.

Defrosted and organized freezer for beef.
Look how organized it is!  And room for the beef too!

Made bread.
It didn't rise as much as it usually does, but still tastes good.

Cracked two crabs and made crab pot pies.
First time I have made these, Yum!

Boiled rabbit organs for the dog.  When I have these on hand, we don't use as much dog food.  He's a small dog.
So glad I can utilize these without eating them myself.

And here is my beef I picked up this morning.
So excited to have this in the freezer!  Can't wait to start cooking!

What fruits or veggies do you freeze and process in winter?


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