Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to Oak Springs Farm!

I have been following homesteading and farming blogs for a little over two years now.  For probably the past year I have wanted to start my own, but don't consider myself a techie person, which has held me back.  However, since I don't journal, I figured it would be a great way to record our successes or failures and also a place to record the happenings of our busy family.  So I made it one of my 2014 goals to start this blog.

Our farm name came together over a year ago when I participated in our local farmers market.  We needed to have a name to put up in our booth.  The kids and I were brain storming one day in the car and decided that since we have several oak trees out in front of our home and natural springs that pop up during the wet season, Oak Springs Farm was the perfect name.

I'm sure as time goes on you will meet the members of the family.  There are six of us in the home including the dog Max.  Currently there are twenty-two who reside in our small barn.  Six living out on pasture and two who make the back deck or hay pile there bed after scavenging the property for mice, birds, squirrels, moles, snakes, you get the picture.

We make northwest Oregon our home on a small piece of property that God has provided for us.  Actually, I have lived in this small community almost my entire life.  We spent the first five years of our marriage in another small town less than 15 miles from here, but my roots here were to deep and I came back.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you.



  1. I would love to live on a farm! I am planning on moving out to Oregon within the year. If I had my own house, I would at least like some chickens or something!

  2. Oregon is beautiful, I think you will enjoy it. Besides Max, chickens were our first farm animal. Many small towns let you have chickens within city limits (just not roosters). I hope you are able to get yourself some!

  3. Welcome, Angie! I started my blog for very close to the same reasons-it helps me keep track of what's been going on on the farm-births, butcherings, how much food I canned, etc! I don't seem to have the time to blog as much as I used to- but still try to write something every chance I get. Check us out if you'd like-yeagerfarm.blogspot.com
    Have a great day!

    1. I did stop by Susie! I look forward to this evening when I have a little more free time to look further back on you blog. Thanks for the invite!