Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh, Warts!

My youngest son Cohen has developed a wart on his foot.  We noticed it in early fall.  I treated it with Compound W to the point it was gone (so I thought).  However, it was not and now it is larger than when I started treating it in the beginning.

My older son had the same issue last year but I took him to the doctor and $270 later the wart soon disappeared.  The doctor applied some type of very strong acid, so it was charged as a surgical procedure.

So before I go through this expense again (not to mention the strong and painful acid), I wanted to ask all of you out in the blogging world, how have you successfully and naturally treated warts?

Thanks in advance for you replies!


  1. Back in the days of yore my sister use to get warts on her knuckles. So my Dad would put a "copper" penny on the stove plate for a couple of hours to heat up and then drop it into a small clean pill bottle with some apple cider vinegar. He would rub some of that solution on the wart and it ALWAYS went away! Hope this helps and you can still find a copper penny ..This from Tommy's wife, lol!

    1. This is an easy one to try! Thanks so much!!!

  2. I was just reading about a method of using natural Apple Cider Vinegar and getting a cotton ball wet with it and then placing it one the wart and taping it on with a Band-Aid and leaving it on overnight. Repeat that nightly until it goes away. My son actually has a wart right now (the first we have dealt with one for years) so we plan on giving this a try.

    1. We are currently in the process of doing this experiment (day 5, I think). I will post my results.

      Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to hop on over to your blog next to see what it new.