Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas Cards. Where'd They All Go?

2013 appears to have had a huge decline in the Christmas cards in which we received.  How do I know this?  I save our Christmas cards from the prior year to make sure that those who have sent us one, receive one. We received 2/3 of the amount that we received in 2012.  E-greetings and posts to facebook are So. Not. Personal.  When you fill out a card you at least think about the recipient.  I love the ones with personal messages to us inside.

I have to admit that I don't send a card EVERY year (usually because I procrastinated to long), but most years.  As a society we are getting less personable all the time.  I understand it is faster and cheaper to just post Merry Christmas or email a Christmas greeting.  I don't get the same feeling from reading them as I do when I tear open the envelope to a card.  I wait eagerly for the mail to arrive daily in December because I'm hoping the mailbox holds more than bills & junk mail.  Christ's birth is important!  I hope all of you that read this continue to bless others with a personal Christmas greeting that can physically be held in ones hand.

Do you prefer a card or and electronic greeting?



  1. Hello! I too noticed a decline in the number of cards received this year. Maybe it was because Christmas seemed to sneak up on us after having such a late Thanksgiving. :)

    1. Good point Jen! I was scrambling there at the end. More so than normal to get cookies made, stuff stockings, etc. I hope next year the card numbers bounce back. I really love receiving them. Thanks for visiting!

  2. We received less as well - but after many years of sending out a letter and picture I didn't get it done this year either. We dealt with some rather serious sickness this fall and I decided that was one thing I just wouldn't stress over. I do love sending them normally though and plan to do it again next year. This year I did send out a new years e-mail and picture but I agree they aren't as nice as the ones that come in the mail.