Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Look what came in the mail!

I have only been gardening for three years now (I've had strawberry beds for a bit longer).  For the past two years when the Territorial Seed Catalogue arrives, I get so excited!  I love looking over the pages and wish I could plant a little of everything.  However, I try to only add a few items a year so I can keep up on maintenance and don't overwhelm myself or my family (lesson learned when we had to involve the lawn mower in the weeding process).  Summer is such a busy time for us.

Doesn't this cover speak summer to you?

I have already gone through and dog eared the pages in which I intend to order from.  I plan to find a place and start growing asparagus.  I need to replenish my green bean, corn and cantaloupe seeds.  I am going to add kale and I think edamame beans to the garden.  We usually place hanging baskets on our back deck.  This year I would like to try my hand at starting the petunias myself to save some money that I would otherwise give to a nursery.  

Do you get excited when your seed catalogue comes?

What new seeds are you going to purchase and plant this year?


P.S. Please be patient as I set up and change things on my blog.  Remember, I'm not a techie.


  1. My favorite thing to grow is tomatoes! I live in CHicago now and I don't have a garden... I usually start the seeds inside in the winter, and then transplant them into buckets outside when it gets warm out.

    1. You can do amazing things on a small deck, patio or porch with pots, tubs or buckets. I let my 7 year old plant carrots in a 12 X 12 planter box. We had his carrots in a couple of salads, a few soups and were able to snack on some and give one or two to the rabbits. It was great!